Global Intelligent SUV Expert


    HAVAL is the first Chinese SUV brand to join the Five-million-sales Club and has remained Top 1 in SUV sales in China for six consecutive years, giving it the title "global SUV leader born in China“. HAVAL is amongst the top three global SUV brands in the world.

    HAVAL has formed sales network in more than 60 countries like Russia, Australia and South Africa. According to the latest deployment of HAVAL’s globalization strategy, HAVAL will further strengthen its global network coverage across the world.


    HAVAL offers a wide range of SUVs to cater to different customer segments from compact H2, to stylish F5, to swanky F7 & F7X, to classy H6, and sturdy H9. The HAVAL SUVs are perfect combination of strength, technology, innovation with special focus and care about customer’s safety.

    R & D

    HAVAL has built R&D centers in countries such as Japan, Germany, India, the United States, South Korea and Austria and has established a global technology R&D innovation system in ten cities of seven countries.

    Within the next five years, HAVAL's R&D investment in the world is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan. HAVAL will also set up a new technology incubation laboratory in Silicon Valley, and conduct R&D of cutting-edge technologies in cooperation with Intel, Google, Apple and other international technology giants.

    SUV Imagery

    We at GWM understand the evolution of SUVs over the years and have diligently developed our HAVAL SUVs to meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers. Our SUVs marry the most premium features with robust build quality to deliver the top-notch driving experience even in the toughest of conditions.