Intelligent Safety

    Safety is set as the core value of GWM, at the beginning phase of each vehicle development.

    Safety Philosophy

    At GWM we work on T-Safety Philosophy which covers:

    Occupant Safety: Ensuring the passengers safety is of prime importance

    Pedestrian Safety: Reduce the pedestrian accident rate and mitigate pedestrian injury.

    Vehicle Safety: Minimal vehicle damage and repair cost in low speed crash scenarios.

    Active Safety

    Features like Fatigue Alert, Electronic stability control, Adaptive cruise control, Speed & lane control and Collision warning ensure a safe drive every time you drive a GWM car.

    Passive Safety

    Features like High-rigidity and Extremely strong body structure with multi-level crumple zones along with Dual SRS, Driver, passenger & curtain airbags along with ABS and EBD ensure the security of driver and passengers.